Responsible Gaming

Gaming is all about having fun and enjoying yourself, it is important to keep your game play as a form of entertainment. It is important to think about what you can afford to spend or how much time you have to spend online.

Unfortunately there is a small minority of individuals who have the potential to let gambling become a problem by losing control and spending more time and money than they can physically afford.

Before spending time online at our casino please ensure you think about the following:

  • Set a spend limit that is both realistic and affordable
  • Do not spend further if you lose your initial monetary limit as you could end up losing more
  • Review the amount of time and frequency you spend at our casino
  • Ensure you take adequate breaks in your gaming even when you’re on a winning streak
  • Our casino is all about having fun and enjoying yourself, it is not a get quick rich scheme

If you feel you are spending too much money or time at our casino and feel you may have a problem then please contact Gamblers Anonymous for more information.

Underage Gambling

We endeavour to provide the safest and the most enjoying gaming environment for our players, part of this ethos is ensuring we stop underage people from joining our casino.

Playing at Money Storm Casino is only for those who are aged 21 years or older (if the country of origin requires a higher age limit) and can prove their age. Under age players will not be allowed to play at our casino under any circumstances and if an account is found to be used by a minor the account will be closed and funds withheld.

At any point through the lifetime of an account we may ask for proof of age through a valid form of identification. We reserve the right to do so and any player who does not act on this request may find their account closed.